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The Making of Voodoo 3 – Part Two

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #375 • September 20th, 2015
The Making of Voodoo 3 – Part Two

Part two of our interview with Skip Heller as we talk about Robert Drasnin’s “Voodoo 3”. And just on that, I would like to thank all those who have been in touch to let me know how much they loved the interview and Roberts Story. Also on the show we talk about an event I would like you to get behind and how you can get behind it.


Billy Strange - Get Smart Theme
Daniel Pemberton - Bugs Beats and Bowties
# Skip Heller: Voodoo 3
Robert Drasnin - La Mer Azure
Tikiyaki Orchestra - Esplande
# Bring back "Mondo Lounge" in 2016
Buddy Morrow - Jazz Heat Bongo Beat
Marita Brake - Shaken Not Stirred.
Cocktail Angst - Stalkers Night Out
# World of Swank
Naughty Ones - Azure Te
Tony Bennett - Manhatten
James Spencer - Stormy Blue
# Social media / Website
Julie London - Now Baby Now
Martini Heaven - Tangonova
Martini Kings with Sonny Moon - Goodbye To A Lonely Town
George Shearing -Easy Living
# Next week's show teaser
Joey Altruda - A Martini For Mancini

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