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The Cocktail Nation — Episode #377 • October 11th, 2015

Still from The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 1960s tv-series

This week checking out the new “The Man from U.n.c.l.e.” film with our resident movie guru Kramer and with special comments Hollywood correspondent Drew Turney. Plus, we explore the original franchise and the stars with interviews with Robert Vaughan and David McCallum and playing music from two soundtracks.


Jetset Unlimited - The Man From Uncle
Daniel Pemberton - Bugs, Beats And Bowties
# Kramer: Interview
Daniel Pemberton - Out Of the Garage
Daniel Pemberton - His Name Is Solo
# Robert Vaughan: Interview
Roberta Flack and Eugene McDaniels - Compared To What
Hugo Montenegro - A Martini For Two
Hugo Montenegro - Illya
# David McCallum: Interview
Andy Stroud Nina Simone - Take Care Of Business For Me
Hugo Montenegro - Lament For A Trapped Spy
Daniel Pemberton - The Unfinished Kiss
# Andrew Turney: Interview
Hugo Montenegro - There they go
Daniel Pemberton - We Have Location

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