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The Wonderful World of MPS

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #380 • November 1st, 2015
The Wonderful World of MPS

This week we take a look at the German jazz record label “MPS”. And we are joined by a man with an extensive knowledge and collection of the music in that of James Spencer, who this week I have allowed to program the music for the show from his personal collection. Also on the show, the passing of Irish actress Maureen O’Hara. We examine “The Art Of Doing Very Little”, and find you some cool parties to attend across the globe.


The Singers Unlimited - The Famous Sounds of MPS
The Singers Unlimited - We’ve Only Just Begun
# James Spencer: Interview
The Nelson Riddle Orchestra - My Life
The Third Wave - Wave’s Lament
Art Van Damme And Flutes - How Will I Forget
# Maureen O'Hara
Oscar Peterson - Alice In Wonderland
Pete Jacques Orchestra and Singers - Bacana
The Hi-Lo’s - Quiet Night of Quiet Stars
# The Art Of Doing Very Little
Horst Jankowski Orchestra and Singers - How Short Is The Time To Love
Horst Jankowski Orchestra and Singers - Das ist der Morge
Ulla Wiesner and The Addy Flor Orchestra - Dieses Jahr
George Shearing - Bluesette
The Third Wave - Stormy Perry
London Orchestra - Bernardo
Ella Fitzgeral/Ernie Hechschner - A House is Not A Home
# Next weeks's show teaser
The Singers Unlimited - We Could Be Flying

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