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The Last of the Secret Agents

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #381 • November 8th, 2015
The Last of the Secret Agents

Another “Euro-spy special” with Kramer and this week we talk about the movie “The Last of The Secret Agents”. We talk about the day a test pilot barrel-rolled a Boeing 707 airliner, lots of events to attend and the very best lounge from across the globe.


Tiki Lounge Crew - Martini Nova
Henry Mancini - Shot In The Dark
# Kramer: The Last of the Secret Agents
Nancy Sinatra - The Last of the Secret Agents
Chet Baker - Time After Time
Dave Bruebeck - Spring In Central Park
Edmundo Ros - What A Difference A Day Made
# Koop Kooper: Upcoming interviews
Martini Kings - Killer Joe
Tiki Joes Ocean - Mai Tai Mambo
# The day a test pilot barrel rolled a 707 airliner
# World of Swank
Peggy Lee - Fever
Oscar Peterson - Band Call
Michelle Lordi - You're My Thrill
James Spencer - A Kooper Kocktail
# Social media / Last week's show
Linda Lawson - Mood Indigo
Narco Lounge -The Palms
Bob Thompson - While We Are Young
# Next week's show teaser
Darwan Muhummad - Yesterdays

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