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Taboo Island

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #391 • February 14th, 2016
Taboo Island

This week we introduce you to a cool exotica artist called Roland Remington and play a track from his new album Taboo Island. There’s news on the passing of a legend of animation and I have a cool book on femme fatales for you.


Mike Bardaesh - Late In The Game
Wendy Pederson and Jim Gasior - Besame Mucho
# Roland Remington
Roland Remington - Martinique
Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica - Maracatune For Chalco
Robert Drasnin - Farewell To Tuvalu 2 Valooo
# Book Review: Deadlier Than The Male
Oscar Peterson - Triste
Les Baxter - Deep Night
Perry Beekman - But Not For Me
# Passing of Joe Alaskey
# World of swank
Chaino - Bongo Samba
New Morty Show - Destination Moon
Astrud Gilberto and Marty Paich - Vivo Sonhando
Tony Bennett - My Heart Stood Still
Acca Daiquiries - Witchcraft
# Next week's show teaser
Nat King Cole - I’m Shooting High

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