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Femme Fatales

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #400 • April 17th, 2016
Femme Fatales

This week talking about those naughty girls of film. The gorgeous gals of the “Film Noir b-grade world”, you know the type, a whole lot of “Va va voom” and knife in the other hand. I’m talking about the “femme fatales” of film. We also talk classic cars and playboy mid-century modern furniture for the bachelor pad.


Tikiyaki Orchestra - Malaga Cove
Professor Cunningham - It Ain’t Necessarily So
# Doug Brody: Femme Fatales
Chain - Voodoo
Project Pimento - Brazil
Perry Beekman - But Not For Me
# EU backs down over threat to classic cars
Les Baxter - Shooting Star
Skip Heller - Mona is Typing
Kenny Sasaki - Fly Me To The Island
# Architecture Exhibit celebrates the art of the Bachelor Pad
# World of Swank
Provocateur - My Eyes Danced
Pink Martini - But Now I’m Back
Royal Crown Revue - Deadly Nightcall
Rolan Remington - Babalu
# Next week's show teaser
Clouseaux - Reum With A View

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