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Marilyn – The Quest For an Oscar

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #404 • May 15th, 2016
Marilyn – The Quest For an Oscar

A question upon the head of Marilyn Monroe this week on the show with author James Turiello joining me on the show. Cherry Capri has some advice on how to be a social butterfly. I’ve got another cool detective story for you that will take you to 1957, the best parties to attend and of course the best lounge and exotica from across the globe.


Antonio Alolfo - Killer Joe
Phyllis Branford - Night and Day
# ​James Turiello: Marilyn – The Quest For An Oscar
Marilyn Monroe - My Heart Belongs To You
The Twin Pianos of Henri Rose and Bobby Stevenson - Cumana
Los Muchucambos - Baia
# Shoutouts
# Dear Cherry (Social Butterfly)
David Carbonara - Giovaniis Blues
Martini Kings - Mall Blues
Perry Beekman - There’s a Small Hotel
# Darren Long: Dirk Daiquiri and The Golden Chanteuse Of Chinatown
# World of Swank
Out of Abingdon - Three Piece Suit
The Mallett Men - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Ken Greves - Small Day Tomorrow
# New Cocktail Nation magazine
# William Schallert
Ixtahule - Rarohengan Dance
Amedeo Tommasi - My Name Is Bond
Aaron Diehl - Moonlight In Vermont
# Next week's show teaser
Tiki Lounge Crew - Perky, Jazzy and Chic

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