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Norm Crosby

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #406 • May 29th, 2016
Norm Crosby

Some classic comedy this week as we head to the Dean Martin Show to hear from comedian Norm Crosby. We have an interesting “Did you Know”, plus an interesting Apple revelation which may affect music collectors and artists.


Nino Rapicavoli - Dr Moo
Out Of Abingdon - Red Dress
# Norm Corsby from the Dean Martin Show
Perry Beekman - Love Again
Martini Kings - Enchanted Lovers
Bill Black Combo - Stardust
Alika Lyman - Black Orchid
# Shout outs / Dear Cherry
Robert Davi - Summer Wind
Bobby Fox - You’re The Boss
Julie London - Time For lovers
Cy Coleman - Playboys Theme
# Hugh Hefner saved the Hollywood sign
# World of Swank
Beegie Adair - Dancing On The Ceiling
Coralie Clement - L’ombre Et La Lumiere
Herb Alpert - Mas Que Nada
# New Cocktail Nation magazine
# Apple announcement.
Les Baxter - Luna Rhapsody
Jackie Gleason - Tenderly
Frank Sinatra - The Lady Is a Tramp
# Next week's show teaser
Barbara Ween - Bernie's Tune

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