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Codename Carter’s New Album

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #409 • June 19th, 2016
Codename Carter’s New Album


A new release for you this week in that of spy outfit “Codename Carter”. We pull out a bottle of chilled Dom Perignon and ask the question of Bond, is this what you really drink? There’s also some mid-mod news and a look at the world of swank. Plus “Cherry Capri” is back with some advice on being on time!


Amedeo Tommasi - My Name Is Bond
Project Pimento - Fever
# Codename Carter: Steve Gray
Codename Carter - Perfect Clarity Perfect Cut
Martini Kings - Kings Highway
Beegie Adair - Blue Skies
Tom Skaff - I’m In Love
# Dom Perignon Champagne in Bond Films
# Dear Cherry: Being Late
Lavay Smith - Miss Brown To You
Hollywood Film Orchestra - Body Language
Ken Greaves - Angel Eyes
# World of Swank
Gene Rains - Song Of Delilah
Pink Martin i -Taya Tan
Nat King Cole - Love Is The Thing
# Passing of a radio friend
Mel Torme - Blue Moon
Les Baxter - Earth Light
Arthur Lyman - Leis Of Jazz
# Next week's show teaser
Billy May - The Odd Couple

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