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Les Baxter Special

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #413 • July 17th, 2016
Les Baxter Special


This week we have a chat to James Spencer about his new biography on Les Baxter. We head to the “blogoshere” with a cool blog for the gals to check out and Cherry Capri has some advice on how to treat new neighbors. News on an old tv franchise that is being brought back for Netflix and one that is brand new that you just have to check out!


Louisville Sluggers - Time For Swinging
Tiki Lounge Crew - Copa Del Mar
# Jim Spencer: Les Baxter
Les Baxter - Quiet Village
Gene Rains - Flamingo
Peggy Lee - The Boy From Ipanema
City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra - Lost In Space
# Lost In Space
# Dear Cherry: New neighbors
Martini Kings - You Only Live Twice
The Acca Dacquiries - Wild Thing
Chet Baker And Strings - You Better Go Now
# A Very Secret Service
# Shoutouts
# World of Swank
Pat Longo - Rhapsody In blue
Liberace - Tico Tico
Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica - Dancing In The Dark
Julie Lyon Quartet - All or Nothing At All
Kahuna Kawentizman - Kava Village
# Blogosphere
# Next week's show teaser
Tikiyaki Orchestra - Maitais On The Moon

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