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Classic Comedy – Vaughn Meader

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #414 • July 24th, 2016
Classic Comedy – Vaughn Meader

This week we have classic comedy from a JFK impersonator from the 1960s called Vaughn Meader. We also talk about one of the greatest unsolved crimes of the 20th century, plus the best lounge and exotica music across the globe.


The Sharps - Caravan
Narco Lounge Combo - Miserlou
# Vaughn Meader: JFK impersonator
Henry Mancini - It Had Better Be Tonight
Les Baxter - Barquita
Les Baxter - Because Of You
# Les Baxter Special (Promo)
# Dear Cherry: The future
Tiki Joes Ocean - Belles Of Bombay
Jeff Denson Quartet - The Circle
Jimmy Vargas - Nude On A Swing
Martin Denny - Quiet Village
# The FBI and DB Cooper
# Shoutouts
# World of Swank
Codename Carter - The Heist
Si Zentner - From Russia With Love
Kaylene Peoples - How Insensitive
Stolen Idols - Kyoto Protocol
Warren Barker - Deep Night
# Next week's show teaser
HB Radki - Martinis and Pearls

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