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Euro Spy Special – OK Connery

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #415 • July 31st, 2016
Euro Spy Special – OK Connery

Kramer is back with another spy special as we take a look at the film “OK Connery”. New music on the way from a cool band I discovered recently called “The Sharps”. Plus, Cherry Capri talking elevator etiquette, and a song request to a listener who is literally on the plane and flying to Sydney.


City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra - Lost In Space
Los Shimy Shakers - Emperor Norton Stomp
# Euro Spy Special: OK Connery
Henry Mancini - Windmills Of Your Mind
Tikiyaki Orchestra - Esplanade
Johhny Mandel - Last Mile
# Les Baxter Special (Long version)
# Dear Cherry: Elevator Etiquette
The Sharps - Fly Me To The Moon
Kenny Burrell - Rose Room
Julie London - Boy From Ipanema
Mambo Zombies - Tu no Me Quieres
# America's best cocktail bar
# Shoutouts
# World of Swank
Frank Sinatra - Come Fly With Me
Tiki Joes Ocean - Night Of The Jungle
Sue Rainy - A Beautiful Friendship
Steve Lawrence - Night And Day
# Next week's show teaser
Seth McFarlane - No One Ever Tells You

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