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Rat Pack Drinks

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #416 • August 7th, 2016
Rat Pack Drinks

Our drinks man Justin Cristaldi joins us on the show this week as we talk “Rat Pack Drinks”. News on the passing of a prolific cartoonist, plus Cherry Capri talks about being in the kitchen. For fans of the Dirk Daiquiri series by Darren Long we have a new book to grab and for the Martini fans, a cool book to keep behind the bar.


Tikiyaki Orchestra - Return To Orchid Isle
Robert Drasnin - Voyage To Vanuatu
# Jack Davis: Cartoonist
# Justin Christaldi: Rat Pack Drinks
Frank Sinatra - Mr Success
The Secret Agents - James Bond Theme
Tiki Lounge Crew - Hipsters Lair
# Darren Long: Dirk Daquiri book
# Dear Cherry: Kitchens
Warren Barker - Caper At The Coffee House
Julie London - Must Be Catchin
Martini Kings - Enchanted Lovers
# James Spencer: Ultimate Martini Making Music
# World of Swank
The Sharps - From Russia With Love
Chris Connor - Blow Gabriel Blow
Ixtahuele - Stone Gofd Of Bimini
Paul Desmond - Easy Living
Les Baxter- Ecstasy
# Next week's show teaser
Diana Krall - Cry Me A River

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