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Bob Crane & Jayne Mansfield

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #417 • August 14th, 2016
Bob Crane & Jayne Mansfield

A lot of people don’t know that Bob Crane of “Hogans Heroes” fame was a radio host, and a very successful one at that. This week we play back an interesting interview he did with Jayne Mansfield. There’s news on the passing of Dean Martin’s son and Cherry Capri stops by with some good advice.


B Sharp Big Band - Can’t By Me love
Codename Carter - Perfect Clarity Perfect Cut
# Bob Crane: Jayne Mansfield
Jayne Mansfield - Little Things Mean A Lot
Warren Barker - Lopaka’s Beat
Henry Mancini - Session At Pete’s Pad
Hugo Montenegro - Perfidia
# Magazine story headlines
# Dear Cherry
Skip Heller - King Carla
101 Strings - Rio Del Mar
Project Pimentio - Brazil
# World of Swank
# Dean Martins son
Dean Martin - Just In Time
Octobop - Jeru
Franco Altissimi - Lounbe Bossa
Antonio Adolfo - Stolen Moments
OSS 117 - Speed Date Car
# Next week's show teaser
O Som Do Jazz - Manha Alegre

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