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Tubby Hayes

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #418 • August 21st, 2016
Tubby Hayes

Thanks to a listener of the Cocktail Nation who got in touch with me recently and asked for a Tubby Hayes special, I have it for you and I am pleased that I did as this man is amazing so more on that soon. Cherry Capri has some good advice for us, plus I have a recent vinyl purchases to share with you.


Tikiyaki Orchestra - Taboo
Jetset Sweden - A Man And A Woman
# Tubby Hayes: 1960 BBC Radio Interview
Tubby Hayes - Love Walked In
Jack Sheldon - Julie Is Her Name
The Sharps - The Odd Couple
Frank Sinatra - When No One Cares
# Magazine story headlines
# Dear Cherry: Guest List
Serge Gainsbourg - Ce Mortel Ennui
Piero Montanari - Charlie’s Bounce
Don Ralke - Zulu Magic
# World of Swank
John Coltrane - Exotica
Bambino - OSS 117
Henry Mancini - Experiment In Terror
# Next week's show teaser
Billy May - Hernando’s Hideaway

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