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Classic Comedy with Jay Lawrence

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #420 • September 4th, 2016
Classic Comedy with Jay Lawrence

Some classic comedy with Jay Lawrence this week. Cherry Capri has some wise words for us, news about the passing of Dean Martin’s ex wife, plus some cool tech to convert your pad into a fully loaded bachelor pad.


The Naugthy Ones - Harlem Nocturne
Tikiyaki 5-0 - Song Of Delilah
# Jay Lawrence: Comedian
Machiniso - Vampire Jazz
Octobop - Jeru
The Sharps - Caravan
# Sonos Hi-Fi
# Dear Cherry
Rebecca Angel - Jet Samba
Henry Mancini - Blue Mantilla
Robert Drasnin - South Of The Sulu Sea
# Jeanne Martin
# World of Swank
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Cruel Spell
Jack Sheldon - Days Of Wine And Roses
# Lounge life magazine
Jetset Sweden - The Man From THRUSH
Bert Kaempfert - Bert’s Bossa Nova
# Next week's show teaser
Diana Krall - Devil May Care

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