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Modernism Week in Palm Springs

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #435 • February 12th, 2017
Modernism Week in Palm Springs


This week talking about a very cool event in the heart of Palm Springs. We also talk bow ties in our swank advice column. Trader Vic’s in Beverly Hills Closes after 62 year, plus some Charlie Chaplin news.


Tiki Delights - All The Stars Are In Your Eyes
Heather Rigdon - I Like My Coffee Black
# Bob Bogard: Modernism Week
Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To The Moon
Lalo Schfrin - Rio After Dark
Tiki Torches - Quiet Village
# Trader Vic’s in Beverly Hills Closes
Skip Heller - Alice Through A Twilight Zone Episode
Cal Trader - A Night In Tunisia
Laurie Allyn - So In Love
# Swank advice: Bow ties
# World of Swank
Martini Kings - Las Nuedas
Tiki tones - Lava Flow
Diana Krall - Look Of Love
Clouseaux - Miserlou
# Charlie Chaplin's bungalow
# Next week's show teaser
Roy Budd - So Nice

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