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Drinking With The Mad Men

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #439 • March 12th, 2017
Drinking With The Mad Men

Our drinks man Justin Christaldi is back this week with a look at the history of drinks with a look at the drinking culture on the “Mad Men” tv show. Plus we have the swank advice on umbrella use, I will also tell you about my internet stalking activities of late.


Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - 35 Falcon Street
Tiki Joes Ocean - Baxter Pad
# Justin Christaldi: Mad Men Drinking Culture
Swingerhead - She Could Be A Spy
Alika Lyman Group - Pua Lilia
Art Pepper - Straight Life
# First car story
Budapest Radio Orchestra - I Want To Know
Neal Hefti - CherryPoint
Sir Julian - Movin At Night
# Swank advice - Umbrella Etiquette
# World of Swank
Jet Set Sweden - The Master
Bobby Shew - Bags Groove
Robert Drasnin - Tiki Idyll
HB Radki - Martinis and Peals
# Next week's show teaser
Uptown jazz Vocall Group - I Love Lucy

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