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Vintage Made

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #441 • March 26th, 2017
Vintage Made

Got a cool vintage magazine to check out this week plus a very cool tiki tour which is about to set sail. Some news on the passing of a musical legend and worrying news from the Mai Kai, plus swank advice on how to enjoy life more.


Swingerhead - She Could Be A Spy
Narco Lounge Combo - My Night With Sinatra
# Eleanor Keene: Vintage Made
Bert Kaemphert - Chicken Talk
Matt Munro - Strangers In The Night
Diana Krall - It’s All Over Now
Paddy Harrison - Tiki Tour
Tiki Delights - Sandy Samba
Los Muchambos - How Insensitive
# The Real Chuck Berry
# Swank advice: Don’t reach for the phone
# World of Swank
Kenyon Hopkins - Warm City
Network Music Ensemble - Lady At The Bar
Tiki Cowboys - Blue Tiki
Daniel Pemberton - Bugs, Beats and Bowties
# Mai Kai News
# Next week's show teaser
Black Olive Jazz - A Night In Tunisia

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