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Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #444 • April 16th, 2017
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited

Rolling out the big guns this week with the very first interview for a band which has been around since the late nineties but has never done press. “Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited” is on the show, plus I have some giveaways of their latest album. Also on the show, Tony Marscio from the “Martini Kings” with a brand new release.


Daniel Pemberton- Bugs Beats and Bowties
Jimmy Psycho - Thunderbirds
# Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Night Of The Jaguar
Spy Fi - Then Play Down
# Cocktail Nation magazine
Henry Mancini - Brothers Go To Mothers
Don Ralke - Black Panther
# Tony Marscio: Martini Kings release
Martini Kings (feat Marlena Khramov and Derek Stroh) - You Only Live Twice
Desmond Quartet - Take Five
Enoch Light - When Your Lover Is gone
# Swank advice: Dinner Party
# World of Swank
# Tiki Cowboys
# Tiki Caliente
# Danny Hellers exhibition
Christopher De Groot - Sailing Ships and Tarot Cards
Arthur Lyman - September Song
Jim Beuning - It’s Like This
Sad Salamanders - The Exotica Sandy Warner
# Next week's show teaser
Frank Sinatra - The Best Is Yet To Come

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