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Happy Birthday Dino

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #452 • June 11th, 2017
Happy Birthday Dino

A special celebration of Dean Martin’s birthday this week as we talk about the man himself with Tony from “The Sharps” who has been impersonating the man for a fair while now. In “swank advice” we talk small talk, plus I’ve got a movie review for you.


Tom Gaebel - The Cat
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Night Of The Jaguar
# Tony Felicetta: Dean Martin's birthday
Dean Martin - You Can’t Love 'Em All
Three Suns - Fly Me To The Moon
# Cocktail Nation magazine
Angelo Badalamenti - Freshly Squeezed
Cal Tjader - It Didn’t End
The Sharps - Flintstones Theme
# Swank advice: How to master small talk
# World of Swank: Pastime album clocks
Gerry Mulligan - Blueport
Christopher De Groot - Gunshot Cha Cha Cha
# Movie review: Their Finest
James Spencer - Columbine
Piero Piccioni - Spiral Waltz
# Next week's show teaser
Gene Rains - Song Of Delilah

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