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Tiki Delights: Swank

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #454 • June 25th, 2017
Tiki Delights: Swank

Some new music this week as Darren Long swings by to talk about his latest Tiki Delights album called “Swank”. A story of hidden Nazi treasure and just how do you handle rude people on public transport? We tackle this issue in swank advice.


Typhanie Monique - What Is This Thing Called Love
Jim Buening - It’s Like This
# Tiki Delights: Darren Long interview
Tiki Delights - Fashionably Late
Brent Laidler -Jamies Joint
Larry Newcomb and Bucky Pizzarelli - Alone Together
# Cocktail Nation magazine
Dave Brubeck - Take Five
Nat King Cole - I know That You Know
George Mann Orchestra - A Man And A Woman
# Swank advice: How to Handle Rude People on public transport
# World of Swank: Pastime album clocks
Riz Ortolani - Tiffany Sequence
Malcolm Lockyer - Teledrama
Les Baxter - Rush Hour Romance
Martini Kings - Mall Blues
# Next week's show teaser
James Spencer - Lotus Land

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