Ultra Swank - Retro Adventures


The Cocktail Nation — Episode #457 • August 3rd, 2017

The mysterious Korla Pandit is back in the news with a new documentary out so we will reveal Korla’s secrets to you this week and swank advice on avoiding conflict on social media.


Frank Bennett - Creep
Hugo Montenegro - James Bond Theme
# Korla Pandit
Korla Pandit - Strange Enchantment
Arthur Lyman - Voodoo Dreams
Out Islanders - Return To Paradise
# Lounge Life magazine
Brent Laidler - Law Of Attraction
Tiki Delights - Cosmolitan
Bib Bad Voodoo Daddy - Cruel Spell
# Swank advice: Avoiding conflict on social media
# World of Swank: Pastime album clocks
Frank Sinatra - Ring a Ding Ding
John Barry - Thunderball
Nat King Cole - What Is There To Say
Stanley Turrentine - Blue Riff
Next week's show teaser
Combustible Edison - The Veldt

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