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New Vintage

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #461 • September 3rd, 2017
New Vintage

This week Laura Ainsworth swings by the penthouse to tell us about her new album called “New Vintage”. We take a look at the right occasion for cufflinks, stories from Lounge Life Magazine and of course the World Of Swank gig guide.


James Morrison - The Way You Look Tonight
Frank Sinatra - So Nice To Go Travelling
# Laura Ainsworth
Laura Ainsworth - An Occasional Man
Tiki Delights - Swank
# Lounge Life magazine
Alien Fashion Show - Cool Thing
Janet Seidel - Love For Sale
Gerald Wiggins - That Old Gang Of Mine
# Swank Advice: Which Cufflinks
Art Blakey - Minors Holiday
Roger Williams - My One And Only Love
# World of Swank
Marty Paich - I Love Paris
Ann Margaret - Never On A Sunday
Christopher Degroot - Miss Neptune
# Next week's show teaser
Ellen La Fern - So Nice

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