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The Bum In Sydney

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #462 • September 10th, 2017
The Bum In Sydney

This week I catch up with Jeff “Beachbum” Berry for a chat here in Sydney, news on the passing of the great comedian Shelley Berman and in swank advice we talk about ironing.


Out Of Abingdon - Change It
Jetset Sweden - Scilian Clan
# Beachbum Berry
Martin Denny - Isle Of Love
James Spencer - Lotus Land
Alika Lyman - Arthur's Line
# Lounge Life magazine
Alien Fashion Show - Rocket 95
Sergio Mendes - Constant Rain
James Morrison - Summertime
# Passing of Shelley Berman
# Swank advice: Iron ya shirt ya slob
Chet Baker - Let’s Get Lost
Laura Ainsworth - An Occasional Man
# World of Swank for pastime album clocks
# Website
Typhanie Monique - What is This Thing Called Love
Mark Copeland - I Love Paris
Bobby Darin - Charade

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