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This Retro Life

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #465 • October 1st, 2017
This Retro Life

I found a cool retro podcast to enjoy so we will have a chat to the host of “This Retro Life” with Kia Handley. And in swank advice we discuss icebreakers for the holiday season.


Left Arm Of Budda - A Monkey's Affair
Rebecca Angel - Jet Set Samba
# This Retro Life: Kia Handley
Benny Carter and Oscar Peterson - Imagination
Black Olive Jazz - A Night In Tunisia
# Lounge Life magazine
Neal Hefti - Cherry Point
Henry Mancini - Young Love
# Swank advice: Icebreakers for the Holiday Season
David Carbonara - Twenty Third Floor
Alex Khaskin - Mister Bond
# World of Swank
Johnny Mandel - Nightmare Sequence
Bobby Group - I Can’t Get Started
John Coltrane - Afro Blue
# Next weeks's show teaser
Machiniso - Percusso Frenzy

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