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Another Story

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #466 • October 8th, 2017
Another Story

Some new music this week from Brisbane lounge band “Out Off Abingdon”. We take a look at the passing of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner as well as a quick look at some JFK files that are due to be released.


Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Night of the Jaguar
Tiki Torches - Miserlou
# Out Of Abingdon: Interview
Out Of Abingdon - What Kind Of Life
Lynn Stanley - How Insensitive
Hugo Montenegro - Malaguena
# Lounge Life magazine
Playboy's Theme
Bob Ferrell - Yardbird Suite
# JFK Files
# Swank advice: How to end a text message
Jet Set Sweden - Music To Watch Girls By
Alex Khaskin - Austen Powers
# World of Swank
Roland Remington - M’gambo Mambo
David Rose - The Runaway
June Christy - The Merriest
# Next week's show teaser
Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica - Frenesi

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