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Libations 101

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #471 • November 12th, 2017
Libations 101

On the menu this week it’s our drinks man Justin Cristaldi with the talk on libations. A gold plated Austin Healey is for sale and speaking of cars, what’s the story with barn finds?


Alika Lyman Group - Crude
Ixtahuele - Souq
# Justin Cristaldi: Libations
Julie London - Lonely Girl
Diana Krall - Moonglow
Tikiyaki Orchestra - Taboo
# Lounge Life magazine
Sharps - Caravan
Peter Nero - New York On Sunday
Lisa Ono - How Insensitive
# Swank Advice: Hairstyles
Out Of Abingdon - Prospect Street
Tony Hadley - The Good Life
James Spencer - Columbine
Martin Denny- Martinique
# 1969 Ferrari Daytona found in a barn
# World of Swank
Michelle Nichol - Days Of Wine And Roses
Tiki Joes Ocean - Tiki Joe A Go Go
# Next week's show teaser
David Carbonara - Twenty Third Floor

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