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Cocktail Nation – The Interviews 2

Written by Christopher • May 12th, 2014
Cocktail Nation – The Interviews 2

Koop Kooper’s Cocktail Nation: The Interviews 2

From the Sydney Penthouse the Lounge Lothario has been working overtime putting in the long distance calls across the globe to find you the craziest cats of the retro scene along with the legends who cohabit the swank universe that is the Cocktail Nation.

In this edition the Lounge Leader talks magazines with Tiki Magazine founding father Nick Camara, art with El Gato Gomez and, most importantly, he explores the beginning of the scene with the rediscovery of the one and only Esquivel. The archaeological dig is dug with Kooper discovering a canary by the name of Laurie Allyn who missed her initial fame train by seconds but now her name is on the lips of hepcats across the globe!

The Legends keep coming with manager to the stars Morris Diamond, Dean Martin Show producer Lee Hale and the Keeper of the Flame on the Big Island Jimmy Borges all add to another jam packed panorama of all things Lounge. Created by the swank meister of über cool himself, Koop Kooper.

Above: Koop Kooper's Cocktail Nation: The Interviews 2 —

Here’s the line up:

Irwin Chusid on Esquivel. You know without Irwin, we probably wouldn’t know about Esquivel and to be honest I think the lounge scene would lack an edge.

Nick Camera, Tiki Magazine. Here’s a guy who had no idea how to make a magazine when he first started. From no knowledge of the magazine industry but a love of tiki, he managed to create a world class magazine that has become essential reading for tikiphiles.

El Gato Gomez. She has a strange obsession with mid century modern looking cats!

Alison Martino. Daughter of Al Martino tells the story of her famous Dad and talks about her love of Los Angeles and how a funny little page on Facebook has grown into a little business.

Dj Bonebrake. Here’s a guy who has played in some of the biggest rock bands in the world, now he’s one of ours!

Jay Brooks, Clouseaux. Clouseaux are one,of the most interesting bands on the scene. Just how does such a hip band come out a country music town!

Jack Crosley on Orchestral Pop and the demise of easy listening.

Nutty. The Hippest LA Band!

Jimmy Borges. Keeper of the Flame. Here’s a man who knew every cat that swung by the big island and he knows how to get them up on stage with him!

Morris Diamond, Manager to the Stars. Seriously this guy knows everybody!

Laurie Allen. A woman who missed out on fame the first time in fifties but she has been re discovered

Tom Tremelo, Spy Fi. The purveyors of SPY Fi Music!

Nick Lamansky on Yma Sumac. What an incredible woman. The strange and amazing story of an Incan Goddess as told by her biographer Nick Lamamsky.

Spencer Thompson on Bob Thompson. Recorded whilst Bob was still alive, son Spencer talks about his great Dad and his humble beginnings along with the Space Age Bachelor Pad legacy he created.

Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica, a two pronged band. Brian tells the story of the quartet and his work in bringng the sound of Esquivel to the stage once again.

Cocktail Angst. A very cool lounge band from the original revival of lounge in the 90s

Lee Hale. Music Director of The Dean Martin TV Show

John Penman. This guy knows men’s hats!

Vic Flick. Here is the man who created the 007 riff

You can pick up your copy of Cocktail Nation: The Interviews 2 from Amazon among many other places.


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