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Vintage Caravan Style – The Only Guide You Need

Written by Christopher • April 15th, 2014
Vintage Caravan Style – The Only Guide You Need

Vintage Caravan Style — Black and white checkered flooring is a popular choice in vintage caravans.

Lisa Mora, editor of her own caravan publication Vintage Caravan Magazine which showcases vintage caravan styles and designs has just recently released a book which collects everything you need to know about vintage caravans. Her book Vintage Caravan Style is dedicated to vintage, classic, retro-styled and custom caravans and those who love them.

“Lisa grew up enjoying what she describes as a gypsy lifestyle, travelling all around the world with her parents. She has lived in a handful of countries around the globe and never lived in any one place for more than six months. A change in circumstances about ten years ago saw Lisa move into a small caravan in a caravan park.”

“Having sold or given away most of her worldly possessions in order to fit into her new miniature home, Lisa took great delight in restoring and decorating this caravan to her heart’s desire. Whilst living in the caravan park she came to the realization that she didn’t need much to be happy; this period also allowed her time out from the world to pursue her writing dreams.”

“Knowing that there were plenty of others who shared her passion for vintage caravans, in 2011 Lisa created the world’s very first Vintage Caravan Magazine, which now has several thousand subscribers all over the world.”

Her newest publication is the complete guide for everything vintage caravan lovers need. It covers everything from how to find your perfect vintage caravan, to choosing a theme and color scheme for it, to taking it out on the road and meeting other vintage caravan lovers.

Above: Vintage Caravan Style —

Caravans have existed for a very long time, but their golden age is certainly the 1960s. Before that caravans were mostly made out of wood, but could now sport better and more lightweight construction materials such as aluminium and fiberglass. They almost resembled “Googie styled” space ships in their shiny, streamlined appearance.

Buying a vintage caravan is a good starting point to let your inspiration flow. Put your creativity to the test and try all your ideas, there’s certainly no right or wrong when it comes to vintage styles. Want it to look like a 1950s styled diner, no problem. What about a glamorous Hollywood home, you got it. Shabby chic is always trendy. Are you a girly girl, think pink! Or if you are a purist, restore it to the way it looked once it was new. There’s something for everyone.

Above: Vintage Caravan Style —

For the final touches, make it truly personal with decoration – those small (and big) objects that make sure that the caravan is a true reflection of your personality and interests. Things that you have picked up at flea markets, that family heirloom, your Jukebox that you never could fit into your living room and so on.

Lisa explains: “I love the excitement, the adventure of it all, the road and the scenery, but I also like the convenience of having my fully stocked wardrobe and bed all made up just as I like it and rolling along right behind me. Vintage trailers are cute, they are fun to decorate and they will happily road trip with you to any destination at a moment’s notice – what’s not to love about them?”

Above: Vintage Caravan Style —

You can pick up your copy of Vintage Caravan Style from Amazon among many other places.

Vintage Caravan Style
144 pages
David & Charles
May 2014
Paperback; 144 pages
ISBN-10: 1446304523, ISBN-13: 978-1446304525

Disclosure: Ultra Swank was provided a free copy of the reviewed book by the publisher.

Above: Vintage Caravan Style — Pale and pretty, or strong and vibrant – different shades reflect your personal preferences.

Above: Vintage Caravan Style — A treasured vintage caravan will continue to provide many more years of pleasure if it is well looked after.

Above: Vintage Caravan Style — Add your favourite colours, fabrics and treasures to celebrate your caravan.

Above: Vintage Caravan Style — Hot rod heaven themed caravan.

Above: Vintage Caravan Style — Replacing worn and musty old upholstery is always a good idea.

Above: Vintage Caravan Style — If your ambition has been to use your newly restored, decorated and accessorized trailer for what it was designed to do – to take you on adventurous road trips to beautiful locations – then you’ll no doubt be itching to get on the road with your rig.

Above: Vintage Caravan Style — Shabby chic styled caravan.

Above: Vintage Caravan Style — Original retro styled caravan.

Above: Vintage Caravan Style — The great outdoors themed caravan.

Above: Vintage Caravan Style — Rockabilly kitsch styled caravan.

Above: Vintage Caravan Style — Bright, bold colours and patterns or soft pastels create an individual holiday vibe inside a vintage caravan.

Above: Vintage Caravan Style — Faith and persistence really do make dreams come true.

Above: Vintage Caravan Style


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