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A Visit to Swinging London in 1968

Written by Christopher • October 8th, 2012
A Visit to Swinging London in 1968

Piccadilly Circus — 1969

From Flickr user Arbyreed comes these wonderful photographs that captures the everyday life and style of “Swinging London” in the late 1960s.

From Carnaby Street, to Picadilly Circus to a stylish Heathrow airport. Arbyreed explains:

I lived in Oxford, England in the late 1960s and this collection contains some of the sights I took time to photograph. I wish I had taken more and more that reflected the culture of the time.

Who would like to go back in time and live in or visit this wonderful era? Hands up.

Source Flickr   

Above: Heathrow International – Terminal 3 (1968)

Above: Market day on Portabello Road, London circa 1969

Above: Opening at the London Pavilion theater in Piccadilly Circus — circa 1968

Above: Piccadilly Circus Circa 1968-1969

Above: Shops in Carnaby Street, London — 1968

Above: Sixties look on Carnaby Street, London — 1968

Above: Tower Bridge on a misty night in 1968


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