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Nostalgic Postcards of American Roadside Attractions – Part 3

Written by Christopher • June 6th, 2012
Nostalgic Postcards of American Roadside Attractions – Part 3

Laurel Motor Inn in San Francisco, California

According to Wikipedia, a roadside attraction is a feature along the side of a road, that is frequently advertised with billboards to attract tourists. In general, these are places one might stop on the way to somewhere else, rather than being a final or primary destination in and of themselves.

The modern tourist-oriented highway attraction originated as a U.S. and Western Canadian phenomenon in the 1940s to 1960s.

Here are a bunch of nostalgic postcards depicting some of these roadside places – everything from coffee shops to seaside restaurants. Which are your favorite roadside attractions?

Source ForwardLook Postcards   

Above: Lariat Lodge in Gallup, New Mexico

Above: Modern Motor Sales in Montréal, Quebéc

Above: Ravenwood Motel in South Lake Tahoe, California

Above: Alexandria Motel in Alexandria Bay, New York

Above: Carson’s Restaurant in San Marcos, Texas

Above: Marquee Drive-In in Mesa, Arizona

Above: Rancho Santa Maria in Santa Maria, California

Above: Cliff House in San Francisco, California


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