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The Mini Cooper and the Monte Carlo Rally

Written by Christopher • October 22nd, 2011

The Monte Carlo Rally is a historical rally event that has been around since its inception in 1911. The Rally takes place in January at a designated route along the French Riviera.

It is known for having one of the most famous special stages in the world from La Bollène-Vésubie to Sospel which consists moving over a steep, tight and usually icy mountain road. This section is also driven at night, adding to the already difficult and demanding conditions.

Winning the rally gave the car a great deal of credibility and publicity and made the Mini Cooper famous over night by winning the rally in 1964.

The video above shows a summary of the 1965 rally with over 200 participants and yet again we see the classic Mini Cooper as the winning car. The Cooper was also made the hero of the movie “The Italian Job” from 1969, starring Sir Michael Caine.


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