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The Mighty Hand of Union Carbide

Written by James Vaughan • May 21st, 2012
The Mighty Hand of Union Carbide

“Oh Mighty Hand of Progress and Science. We beseech thee to guide or ways. Help us to secure funding for our Research Projects. Show us the mysteries of Nature that we may harness them and produce a brighter cleaner wash! Shelter us from the elements and bring us good and ever-lasting AC.

Beloved Mighty Hand grasp the mighty atom and hold it forth for us to study it’s magical rays and it’s dividend potential. Yay, though the doubting may nag and falsly sing the hymns of greeness, level our mountains and sculpt our rivers to sublime geometric perfection. Let us always walk in the sunlight of overwhelming technological superiorty and cast our enemies into the pit of metric madness and incompatible voltage.”

Common invocation chanted by the white coated priests of The Church of the Fortune 500- circa 1955

Above: 1956 … the mighty hand- sifts!

Above: 1956 … the mighty hand opens!

Above: 1956 … the mighty hand is irradiated!

Above: 1955 … the mighty hand wrings!

Above: 1955 … the mighty hand circulates!

Above: 1954 … the mighty hand shelters!

Above: 1953 … the mighty hand points!

Above: 1952 … the mighty hand replaces!

James Vaughan

James Vaughan was born in 1955, resides in Ohio and has taught at Kent State University. James spends his days photographing conceptual and editorial style studio photography.

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