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Shopping Spree – Part 10

Written by Christopher • January 13th, 2011
Shopping Spree – Part 10

Montgomery Ward, Huntington Beach, California. Circa 1966

Let’s kick off the new year by spending some of your hard earned money at the local shopping center. Perhaps a new color television, that swank black suit that’s now on sale or why not a new kitchen appliance for the wifey? There is something for everyone. Where shall we go first? Montgomery Ward, SS Kresge, Publix or Woolco?

I am sure many of you have fond (or perhaps not so fond) childhood memories visiting these stores as a kid. For more shopping adventures and photos head over to the always splendid Pleasant Family Shopping. And don’t forget to check out the other posts in the shopping spree series.

Which is your favorite chain or stores that are still alive today?

Above: Publix circa 1958

Above: Shoppers at Publix circa 1958

Above: The Dairy Section at Publix circa 1972

Above: Publix Winter Haven circa 1958

Above: S.S. Kresge circa 1959

Above: S.S. Kresge circa 1960

Above: Woolco, East Brunswick, New Jersey circa 1965

Above: Woolworth, Denver circa 1963


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