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Disney’s House of the Future

The House of the Future (also known as the plastic house of the future) at Disneyland, California circa 1957. This is where curious visitors could get a glimpse of how Disney imagined what the future would hold in technology and comfort for the year 1986! Many (or most) things would probably be regarded as very retro-future-kitschy today, but one gadget that was eventually shown and...

Eichler numbers marks the spot
Written by Chris Alm in Design

Eichler numbers marks the spot

If you are a lucky owner of one of the 11 000 mid-century Eichler homes located in northern and southern California, chances are you are also a design and architecture savvy person who appreciates fine details. Proud Eichler home owner Carmen realized this and are therefore offering authentic Eichler house numbers for sale through her website eichlernumbers.com. You can buy any digit combination from two...

The Crown Prince of Malmö – Copenhagen Visible from the Top

Malmö’s first skyscraper (and one of Sweden’s earliest) was built in 1964 and namned Kronprinsen (The Crown Prince). It stands 27 floors tall and features 700 apartments which can house as many as 3 000 people. The cost of building it was a staggering 90 million SEK (approx. $12 000 000). Standing at the top of the building, on the visitors terrace, one could see...

Swedish Googie design
Written by Chris Alm in Architecture

Swedish Googie design

I recently discovered a Swedish website that featured abandoned and disused places, buildings and what not. One of the locations was one of those old motel / restaurant / bar establishment thingies that was a common sight along the Swedish highways up to the 1980s. The interesting thing about this place is the design. It looks like nothing I have seen before, at least not...

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