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Written by Chris Alm in Music

Isabel Rose Salutes the 1960s

Isabel Rose, comedienne and performer salutes 1960s aviation among many things in her first ever music video. If you are a fan of Ann-Margret, Doris Day or movies such as Catch Me If You Can you will surely be entertained and impressed with both Isabel and her music. Her album “Swingin’ From the Hip” blends big-band, jazz, cabaret and pop and can be purchased through...

Written by Chris Alm in Travel

Around the World with Pan Am

A somewhat kitschy promotion video from Pan American airways, made in the early 1970s that takes us around the world and back again in less than 25 minutes. The video was most likely produced to showcase how easy it was to travel around the world with Pan Am, take in the sights and then be back again in the afternoon to enjoy tea at the...

Eero Saarinens JFK Terminal – Home of Trans World Airlines

The JFK Trans World Airlines (TWA) terminal was designed by the great Finnish architect Eero Saarinen. Built in a very modernist and expressionistic style it was completed in 1962 and set the standard for how modern jet travel was perceived back in its glory days. You might have seen the building in a handful of movies, everything from Hell up in Harlem, Death Wish to...

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