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Destination Berlin – Six Movies Where Berlin is the Star

Sometimes, the city in which a movie is set plays a role more important than that of the main characters and, over the years, New York and Paris and London have provided lively settings for many popular films. But what of Berlin? With its combination of old world glitzy decadence and the stark deprivation of modernity, Berlin captured the imagination of many filmmakers throughout the...

Time Travel With a DDR Designed Hostel in Berlin

If you ever wondered how it was like living in the old communist eastern Europe but were unable to do so before the wall fell? Here is your chance. In the heart of the former eastern side of Berlin lies a quite ordinary looking concrete apartment building that once was home to dozens of people, but today houses the quite unusual DDR-designed and inspired hostel…...

Pan Am Lounge in Berlin
Written by Christopher in Interior

Pan Am Lounge in Berlin

In the depths of Europe a hidden gem just became exposed. Anyone familiar with the golden age of aviation is most likely also very familiar with the airline Pan Am, who set the standard of modern aviation and swank traveling since the 1930s and onwards. The airline had hubs around the world and the airplane crew obviously needed places to stay when they were not...

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