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Bossa Nova – Embodying the Idea of Cool

Brazil in the 1960’s: a paradise of cool and suave. The nonchalant sentiment of an age typified by effortless class took musical form in Bossa Nova. Characterized by its smooth beats, cool sensibility, a slight off-tune rhythm, Bossa Nova created a whole culture which valued nothing at all, but simple existence. Singers like Astrud Gilberto and Antônio Carlos Jobim created a form of expression where...

Written by Christopher in Daydreaming

Jet Set Getaway ’68

Lets go back 40 years or so to the late 1960s and when traveling in style was possible with airlines such as British state owned airline BOAC – which had its heydays in the 1960s and early 1970s. Jack Parnell and his Orchestra sets the mood. Our destination? Around the world and back again. What do you daydream about today?...

Nicola Conte presents Viagem
Written by Steven Padal in Music

Nicola Conte presents Viagem

During the late 50’s, a new jazz style and genre evolved from Brazil. Bossa Nova became a mixture of cool jazz and samba, which was particular to Brazilian culture, dance and music. Musical artists such as Antonio Carlo Jobim and Joan Gilberto were known for creating this new style. The 60’s became a catapult for the new popular genre that we now recognize as a...

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