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Burlesque Poster Design
Written by Baron von Swankenstein in Readable

Burlesque Poster Design

Gypsy Rose Lee. Tempest Storm. Lily St. Cyr. If there’s one word associated with these famous women, it’s “burlesque.” In the modern sense of the word, burlesque was a popular form of theatrical variety show featuring risqué comedy, parody, and pastiche. When it was exported from Victorian England to the United States in the 1840s, American elements were added: minstrel show performances, stage magic, contemporary...

A Salute to Retro Fashion with Le Colonel

One way to ease into retro fashion is via accessories. You don’t have to commit to a vintage Dior dress (or even a vintage look-alike) to get the look. Don’t worry about making the perfect pin curl or finding the right shade of red lipstick either. If you want a little bit of retro style in your everyday wardrobe, Le Colonel, an accessory design company...

Gentry de Paris Brings Back the Glamour to Burlesque

For some people, the term Burlesque is something that is associated with a exciting, stylish and perhaps also a little more innocent time. But as many things from the past it is being revived and has for the past years made a grand return with lush sets, glamorous costumes, swinging music, cool lighting and of course luscious women moving in rhythm to the crooners’ finger...

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