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Classic Cars are the Lucky Cars
Written by Koop Kooper in Roadtrip

Classic Cars are the Lucky Cars

Today I was cruising Sydney’s freeways in the 1965 Valiant, the car hugging the open road and me confidently accelerating past people as they went about their business, me, I was enjoying the simplicity of the basic drive experience, one that was devoid of technology that rob me of the true driving experience. The music from my stereo blared as I was enjoying a beautiful...

Tesco Recreates a 1960s Style Supermarket

British supermarket giant Tesco has recreated a 1960s style store for the Goodwood Revival Historic Motor Race meeting, held each September in Essex, not far away from London. Inside the store, customers will be able to walk up and down three different aisles filled with dozens of products from the sixties. Even the check-out assistants will be dressed in vintage uniforms, with hair and make-up...

Classic Hand Drawn Car Ads from the US

Found a whole bunch of really nice vintage American car advertisements from the 1950s and 1960s in the Ultra Swank Flickr Group. Wish Detroit still would do classic hand drawn illustrations like this today for their cars. Which is your favorite American mid century car and why?...

Vintage Volvos
Written by Chris Alm in Advertising

Vintage Volvos

Moving back to Sweden again for a while and more specifically to the Swedish automotive industry. For those who aren’t in the know, Sweden has two major brands; Volvo and Saab. Today we are going back to the mid 1950s to look at how the advertisements for model 121 also known as the Amazon were portrayed in the country that brought you all ABBA, IKEA...

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