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Written by Christopher in Roadtrip

Cruising Sunset Strip in 1964

Here’s a interesting video capturing the midst of a sunny 1960s Los Angeles. Let’s take a cruise down famous, Sunset Strip with a up-beat rock & roll surf tune blasting out from the radio. Look at the beautiful and colorful signage advertising everything from restaurants, liquor and mortgages and not forgetting the parade of Chryslers, Oldsmobiles, Chevrolets that look like they just drove out of the car dealer lot....


The city of Los Angeles, late 1940s. A place of glamour, fame, and wealth, but also where crime, vice, and corruption are rife. Film noir and neo noir movies such as Sunset Boulevard, L.A. Confidential and Double Indemnity help to set stark contrasts. However, here is some old stock footage that was shot in color and still holds up very well. It is rare to...

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