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What We Have Learned From James Bond
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What We Have Learned From James Bond

Without a doubt the one film character to define the term “cool” is James Bond. With the twenty-fourth installment of the series, SPECTRE, due out later this year, it’s time to look at the biggest lifestyle contributions made by the greatest secret agent of all time as taught by, still the best Bond, Sean Connery. What to Drink Despite his Scottish heritage, Bond is never seen drinking Scotch in...

The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook – Inside The Kitchens, Bars, and Restaurants of Mad Men

Paradigm shift. If you could boil down into a phrase what Mad Men is about, it would be “mid-century paradigm shift.” Mad Men explores it on the large scale: Clueless about how to sell coffee to young adults, the men of Sterling Cooper attempted to shoehorn the Port Huron Statement into their ad campaign. They completely missed the point because the cultural paradigm was changing....

It’s Dinner Time – Music for TV Dinners

Need a compilation of some catchy tunes? Well, you’ve come to the right diner! I was hungry for more lounge music and found “Music for TV Dinners: The Sixties.” For those that don’t know many lounge artists, this is a great compilation with a tasty mix of library music. The album includes artists such as Syd Dale, Laurie Johnson, and of course the great Alan...

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