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1965 Spacemen Yearbook
Written by Guest Writer in Readable

1965 Spacemen Yearbook

Spacemen Magazine was a relatively short-lived publication. It was published from July 1961 to July 1965 and was a spin off from the more successful “Famous Monsters of Filmland.” Both were edited by the late Forrest J. Ackerman and Published by James Warren. The cover art for the 1965 Yearbook was by well-known comic book artists Russ Jones and Wally Wood. This particular cover was...

Disney’s House of the Future

The House of the Future (also known as the plastic house of the future) at Disneyland, California circa 1957. This is where curious visitors could get a glimpse of how Disney imagined what the future would hold in technology and comfort for the year 1986! Many (or most) things would probably be regarded as very retro-future-kitschy today, but one gadget that was eventually shown and...

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