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Written by Christopher in Daydreaming

Bettie Page Varietease Dance

The scrumptious Bettie Page performs a varietease to the tunes of a exotica styled track that sounds like something from Martin Denny or Les Baxter. Bettie Page is often referred to as “The Queen of Pin-Ups” as she became one the most famous models and burlesque dancers of the 1950s and still continues to influence style even today. What do you daydream about today?...

Three Classic Sci-Fi Movies from the Past

Contributor Klara have been busy time traveling into the golden age of science fiction, on a mission to find three classics that will please and catch the imagination of the readers of Ultra Swank. So, head out to the launchpad and strap your self in, our rocket’s first stop is the moon! Destination Moon (1950) – The next rocket we build is going to the...

How About a Retro Themed Halloween Cocktail Party?

Halloween is coming up and to give you some ideas for your costume, contributor Cam presents a couple of retro themed suggestions. All you need is to pick your favorite classic movie character and you are almost set to go! Some possibilities for the ladies could be the eternal style icon Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the sensual Jane Fonda in...

Stereo Music for Your Bachelor Pad

Head on over to the Ultra Swank Flickr group for more tasty designs from the past. Why not join our group and contribute with your own retro related images? It’s free and very easy. Which is your favorite record to play on late Friday nights?...

Written by Christopher in Kitsch

How to Be Popular in the 1950s

Following up on my earlier post on how to get a date if you lived in 1950s America, here is a new film which show and tell how you can have a few close friends but be popular among a large group of people too. The entertainment value and kitsch-meter is going through the roof with this film. Hmm, why were all guys called Wally...

Written by Christopher in Kitsch

How to Date in the 1950s

How would you get into dating if you were a teenager in the suburbs of America in the 1950s? Ever wonder how social life was like for your mother, father, grandmother or grandfather? The video is taken from the Coronet collection, which features lots of fascinating vintage movies about growing up in the 1940s and 1950s. What are your thoughts on dating today versus 60...

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