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Cult Vegas – The Weirdest! The Wildest! The Swingin’est Town On Earth

The Golden Age of Las Vegas has been over for quite some time. If you don’t count auxiliary members like Shirley MacLaine, Buddy Greco, or Angie Dickinson, the last member of The Rat Pack, Joey Bishop, passed away in 2007. He outlived Frank by 9, Dino by 12, Sammy by 17, and Peter by 23 years. Even the buildings, which are supposed to outlive those...

Classic Las Vegas Hotel Casinos and Gambling

Come fly with me… to fabulous and fantastic Las Vegas! Established in 1905, it was nowhere near the oasis of fun, sin and lost weekends as it is known for today. But when major developments and projectes surfaced in the 1940s, the city starting growing larger and larger. Shady organized crime personalties saw opportunities to be made in this new desert haven. Big hotel casinos...

When The Mob Ran Vegas
Written by Baron von Swankenstein in Readable

When The Mob Ran Vegas

On September 7, 1963, during a performance at the Sands Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Dean Martin joked “Right now, ladies and gentlemen, somewhere backstage, Frank Sinatra is punching a dealer right in the mouth.” Little did Martin know that four years later, Sinatra actually would start a fight with a Sands pit boss over revoked casino credit — only, in the end, it...

Swingin’ Basie Beats
Written by Steven Padal in Music

Swingin’ Basie Beats

Count Basie had been performing different jazz styles from the early 30’s to the late 70’s. There were many performances that included vocalists during the early 60’s to gain more attraction. But it was in the late 60’s when Basie returned to a more standard jazz format. After 30 years, he created two great recording sessions that were at the top of the charts –...

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