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Modern Retro Futuristic Illustrations

Matthew Lyons is a talented British born designer with a love for simplistic retro futuristic designs that pays tribute to the mid century illustrations of artists such as Charles Schridde. Along with the illustrations, Matthew have also worked on a handful of faux movie title screens from the past that looks intriguing. His work would no doubt work very well as prints for any retro styled...

Never Built Los Angeles – What It Could Have Looked Like

Never Built: Los Angeles is an exhibition opening spring 2013 at Los Angeles’s A+D Architecture and Design Museum. It features a collection of spectacular projects that only saw the drawing board. In words, drawings, models, videos and other media the show looks at visionary works that had the greatest potential to reshape the city. The exhibition will include buildings from legends like Frank Lloyd Wright,...


Ever wonder how early computer animations was created? This video from 1971, complete with spacey synthetic music, demonstrates not only one of the first interactive computer systems for animation, one used for production, it was also an outstanding example of early user-centered design, including one of the first computer mice. The system was developed by Marceli Wein and Nestor Burtnyk, both of whom won Academy...

Written by Christopher in Kitsch

The Internet in 1969

Very kitschy and retro futuristic video explaining some of the features and benefits of using home computers (consoles) in the home. With this fantastic setup that would make William Shatner of Star Trek fame envious, you can do amazing things such as online clothes shopping and monitor the home using a CCTV system. Apparently the only thing the husband can do on his console is...

The World of Googie
Written by James Vaughan in Design

The World of Googie

It was with reluctance that I took on Ultra Swank’s assignment of a segment on Googie design. I am not an expert. Art historians and critics can be a vicious group. One false move and I could be forever condemned to an underworld of Louis the XIV basement rec. rooms accented with a million velvet Elvis paintings! Oh well, maybe they’ve got some Pepsi in...

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