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The Chef Does Everything – Except Cook. That’s What Wives Are For!

Spend anytime on the internet and you will find lots of vintage advertising with ironic witticism tagged on the picture as the blogger marvels at the sexism of vintage advertising. Perhaps it’s Mad Men that has led us to devour anything that seems vaguely retro but for some reason ads from the midcentury continue to be a source of amusement for those who think that...

Sexist Vintage Ads – Even a Woman Can Open It

Not that we Ultra Swanksters condones being sexist, it just sometimes amazes me what kind of stuff advertising agencies were able to pull off around mid-century suburban America. Here are some fine examples of sexist vintage ads of the times that takes a punch at women only being good for being secretaries, housewives and objects of beauty. Even though the ads would surely never pass...

Written by Christopher in Advertising

Fly the Friendly Skies

Remember what is was like before Southwest Airlines? Well, I don’t. But it looks all good to me. Here are two early 1970s ads from the Dallas based airline Southwest Airlines and Miami based National Airlines. Both rather sexist, created to attract the attention of male passengers using tightly fitted outfits on the stewardesses along with broadcast and print campaigns suggesting that you could “fly”...

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